Porcelain Crowns

Porcelain Crowns

Gallagher Dentistry & Facial Pain Center offers porcelain crowns. Porcelain offers many advantages over other materials. Porcelain can be sculpted by the dentist to provide a more natural appearance to restorations. Porcelain is durable, lasting longer than many other materials. Porcelain crowns, also known as porcelain caps, are used by Gallagher Dentistry & Facial Pain Center to restore broken, chipped, missing, and decayed teeth.

Frequently Asked Questions About Porcelain Crowns

What happens during the procedure for porcelain crowns at Gallagher Dentistry & Facial Pain Center?

The procedure for porcelain crowns typically requires two appointments, especially for cases involving teeth that are significantly decayed. During the first appointment, the dentist administers local anesthesia. The decay is removed from the tooth with a special drill. The dentist may also shape the affected tooth by removing a portion of the enamel. After the tooth is shaped, the dentist makes an impression of the tooth. A temporary crown may be placed over the affected tooth. The impression of the tooth is sent to a lab where the porcelain crown is manufactured. During the second appointment, the dentist checks the fit of the porcelain crown. The porcelain crown may be sculpted to match the patient’s natural teeth. When the dentist is satisfied with the fit and appearance of the porcelain crown, special cement is used to permanently adhere the porcelain crown to the affected tooth.

When can normal activities resume after the procedure for porcelain crowns?

Typically, patients can resume their normal activities immediately after their procedures for porcelain crowns. In some cases, patients may need time to adjust to having their porcelain crowns. Patients may feel numb after the first appointment and should exercise caution when eating and drinking until the numbness resolves.

Is there any pain associated with the procedure for porcelain crowns?

In some cases, patients experience mild discomfort while the dentist prepares the tooth for the porcelain crown. The dentist may administer additional anesthesia to help the patient remain comfortable. Patients who experience discomfort after their procedures for porcelain crowns should contact Gallagher Dentistry & Facial Pain Center for follow-up appointments.

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