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Eden Prairie Dentist and TMJ Specialist, Gallagher Dentistry & Facial Pain Center is proud to be the top TMJ Specialist & Dentist located in Eden Prairie. Need a 2nd Opinion for TMJ? We can help with a complimentary consultation. We’re happy to welcome new patients from all around Minnesota to become part of our family to experience one-of-a-kind dentistry. We value every one of our Eden Prairie patients and are humbled to provide all-inclusive TMJ / TMD facial pain relief and General Dentistry to obtain optimal health and wellness services for optimized, long-term care. 

The Best TMJ Specialist in Eden Prairie

With decades of experience in specialized TMJ care and TMD diagnosis, we understand all the telltale signs that can often become misdiagnosed by others. Since TMJ issues can cause chronic facial pain as well as a wide scope of other symptoms, many patients receive improper care or are sent to the wrong specialists. We’ve always created highly customized solutions that incorporate conservative methodology for all of our Eden Prairie patients. With specialized oral appliance technology, we’ll develop appropriate treatment plans that are effective and serve in long-term comfort. 

The Best TMJ Dental Services for Eden Prairie Patients

Gallagher Dentistry & Facial Pain Center is appreciative to offer the best dental services in Eden Prairie:

Family Dentistry

Finding the best dental care tailored to the whole family can definitely be difficult. With extremely different oral care needs at every stage in life, finding both convenience and impeccable care may seem like an impossible task. We specialize in family dentistry, delivering a wide scope of oral care for every member of your family. Learn more about our family dentistry services. 

Restoration Dentistry

Gallagher Dentistry & Facial Pain Center offers incredible restorative care services that help keep our patients’ natural teeth intact. With numerous options for addressing damaged teeth, Eden Prairie patients can discover the perfect option for them. Learn more about our restorative care services. 

Periodontal Care

Periodontics is a specialized dentistry approach that provides patients with premium options in creating healthy gums, bones, and teeth ligaments. From gum disease treatment to dental implants, we’ve got you covered. Learn more about our periodontal care services. 

Cosmetic Dentistry

Having confidence in your smile can be truly life-changing. Cosmetic dentistry is a wonderful way to optimize the aesthetics of your smile through numerous different options. We provide professional, in-office teeth whitening, gum contouring, and much more. Learn more about our cosmetic dentistry services.


Orthodontics can address so many issues, providing an all-in-one solution. Invisalign is the leading choice for orthodontic treatment for Eden Prairie patients of all different backgrounds and ages. With improved comfort, discreet aesthetics, and easier maintenance, Invisalign is a great way to treat many oral conditions. Learn more about our Invisalign services. 

Biorejuvenation Dentistry

Gallagher Dentistry & Facial Pain Center is the leading biorejuvenation dentistry in the Eden Prairie area. Our renowned approach is a conservative way to achieve a beautiful, functioning smile. By proactively addressing TMJ health, patients can highly benefit from this specialized service. Learn more about our biorejuvenation dentistry services. 

Dental Implants

Dental implants have always been celebrated for their high, long-term success rate. Finding the right Dentist for your dental implants can ensure proper fittings that don’t lead to TMD and other oral complications. Learn more about our dental implant services. 

Senior Dentistry

As our bodies age, we’re much more susceptible to a whole set of various health conditions. This applies to our teeth as well, requiring expert help in caring for these concerns. Eden Prairie seniors can rest assured knowing they’re in good hands here at Gallagher Dentistry & Facial Pain Center. Learn more about our senior dentistry services. 

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