Gallagher Dentistry & Facial Pain Center is elated to be the best oral care professionals serving the Burnsville area. We’re privileged to accept patients from all different backgrounds and ages, welcoming them to be a part of the Gallagher family. With the most complete list of dental services available, our Burnsville patients can rely on us for all of their oral care needs.

Dr. Michael Gallagher is the Best TMJ Health Specialist

Gallagher Dentistry & Facial Pain Center has been dedicated to TMJ health for decades. With the best training, education, and in-depth experience, we specialize in treating TMD with minimally-invasive techniques that embrace long-term TMJ health. Our individualized treatment plans rely on advanced oral appliances designed specifically for you. We understand all the complex factors that can contribute to TMD, allowing us to provide preventative care as well. Burnsville patients can experience one-of-a-kind support through this painful condition.

Complete List of Dental Services for Burnsville Patients

Gallagher Dentistry and Facial Pain Center is honored to provide a complete list of dental services for Burnsville residents:

Family Dentistry

Did you know that each age demographic has its own set of oral care concerns? Understanding the different conditions made more susceptible based on age is crucial in providing proper care for each member of your family. We provide the right long-term care for your loved ones. Learn more about our family dentistry services.

Restorative Dentistry

Finding ways to preserve your teeth is always the number one priority. Burnsville patients can experience comprehensive restorative techniques that best fit their conditions and lifestyle. With long-term solutions in mind, we can restore your teeth to their original, beautiful condition. Learn more about our restorative dentistry services.

Periodontal Care

Gallagher Dentistry & Facial Pain Center is the expert in periodontics, providing custom solutions for teeth grinding, gum disease, and more. We find the best ways to optimize the health of your gums, teeth, and ligaments. Learn more about our periodontal care services.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry offers Burnsville patients the opportunity to really love their smile! Our practice specializes in cosmetic dentistry, offering a wide array of services that optimize all aspects of aesthetics. From advanced, natural veneers to in-office professional whitening, we’ve got you covered. Learn more about our cosmetic dentistry services.


Patients of any age can take advantage of orthodontics. Not only do orthodontics deliver a proper bite, but it also promotes beautiful aesthetics and long-term functionality for your chewing system. Invisalign is the premier orthodontic solution that provides discretion and great cleaning benefits. Learn more about our Invisalign services.

Bioejuvenation Dentistry

Biorejuvenation dentistry is a great, holistic approach for rejuvenating smiles and oral health. This conservative methodology provides better bite function, improved aesthetics, as well as heightened stability. Learn more about our biorejuvenation dentistry services.

Dental Implants

Burnsville patients that have missing teeth can take advantage of dental implants. This great long-term solution promotes a better-looking smile as well as enhanced chewing system capabilities. Regain a better quality of life with dental implants! Learn more about our dental implant services.

Senior Dentistry

Many of the seniors in our community aren’t aware of the oral health conditions made more susceptible to them due to their age. With a higher risk of required root canals and ill-fitted dentures, it’s important to find the right dentistry that specializes in seniors. Learn more about our senior dentistry services.

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