TMJ 2nd Opinion

Looking For a Second Opinion For A TMJ/TMD Diagnosis & Treatment Plan? I Am Happy To Help!

Hello everyone, this is Dr. Mike Gallagher and as many of you already know, I am passionately focused on helping people with TMJ/TMD diagnosis and treatment. Are you in need of a “Second Opinion” to finally achieve life changing relief from your TMJ and facial pain?

I have a patient that sought opinions from “12” other care practitioners before becoming my patient and in his words say’s his life has been saved and he is no longer having TMJ pain as a result of my TMJ treatment protocol. This patient went on a journey to find answers for his TMJ pain and saw a periodontist, two oral surgeons, an endodontist, his general practitioner, a chiropractor, an ear nose and throat doctor, a neurologist, a facial pain specialist, massage therapist, and even sought help from an acupuncturist and hypnotist. That’s 12 dead ends that my patient had to endure before seeking help at Gallagher Dentistry & Facial Pain Center, and it all started with our complimentary second opinion. You can watch my patient Tom’s video on our Testimonials page.

I welcome the opportunity to provide you with an initial 2nd opinion consultation for $150.00. TMJ is a serious condition and should be handled with the upmost level of care. Every case is different and based on the unique needs of the affected individual. Therefore, no two treatment plans are exactly alike.

If you are unclear about why you have received a diagnosis or why you have been given a certain treatment plan, you may benefit from my second opinion. A second opinion can validate the reasons behind a certain course of action, reveal new information, or provide answers to lingering questions.

I am eager to help you onto the path of recovery. During your visit, I will conduct a thorough evaluation and examination so you can get the accurate diagnosis you need. We’ll take all the necessary steps to fill in the gaps such as obtaining additional x-rays or have your existing information sent over to review.

If you have questions about your diagnosis, treatment plan, or dental health in general, we’ll be happy to answer them and provide our thoughtful opinion.

TMJ Disorder Relief at Gallagher Dentistry & Facial Pain Center

If you or someone you know is experiencing symptoms that you believe may be related to TMJ Disorder, please reach out for help as soon as possible. I am very happy to provide a consultation to meet and discuss your concerns in detail.

TMJ Success Testimonial

If you want to read the first-hand account and testimonial of my patient’s success, meet Glenn Bellman.

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