TMJ/TMD New Patients

Preparing for Your First TMJ Appointment

Your First Visit: Setting Up for Success

Gallagher Dentistry & Facial Pain Center strives to make TMJ care easy and convenient for all of our patients. Your first TMJ appointment starts with a consultation where our team will learn more about your symptoms, understand your concerns and comprehensive medical history, as well as conduct a thorough oral examination. Our team may take oral impressions, special x-rays, and/or refer for a tomographic imaging if needed. Through our diagnostic work, we’ll determine if you suffer from TMD, take the time to answer all of your questions, and prepare a custom-tailored solution for your treatment. We’ll make sure to provide straight-forward, actionable steps towards your recovery.  

Before Your First Visit

Once you’ve scheduled your appointment by phone, our new patient forms are available on our website. Please download these forms and complete them prior to your visit. If you don’t have the chance to fill these out, please arrive at your appointment 20 minutes early to complete your paperwork. If you are already one of our patients, no paperwork is necessary. 

Items to Bring to Your First Visit

In order to provide the most efficient, effective care, please bring the following items to your first TMJ appointment: 

  • New patient forms

Click Here to download the New Patient Forms.
Click Here to download the HIPPA Notice of Privacy Practices form.
Click Here to download the HIPPA Consent form.

  • X-rays, MRI reports (if you’ve had any previously taken)
  • Sleep study results (if you’ve had any previously taken)
  • Medical/Dental insurance card
  • Referral slip (if applicable)  
  • List of medication you’re currently taking (including vitamins and supplements)
  • Health records
  • Records of any mouth/jaw-related procedures you’ve completed in the past

TMD is a complex disorder that requires our team to ask a lot of questions during your first appointment. The more information you’re able to prepare and share with us, the better the treatment plan we’ll be able to provide. Even if you’re experiencing a symptom that you believe is unrelated to your jaw or facial pain, it could be a lesser-known symptom of TMD, making it important to share with us.  

Please note: A parent or guardian is required to accompany any patient under 18 during their TMJ consultation visit. 

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Gallagher Dentistry & Facial Pain Center specializes in TMJ care and is looking forward to providing you with the personalized treatment that you need. Contact us today to schedule your first appointment! 

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