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We want everyone to know we are here to take the best possible care of everyone who enters our office.  We have a special focus on TMJ and TMD (temporal mandibular joint disorders).  We also offer an array of other dental services including general dentistry, cosmetic, Invisalign, and restorative services to patients in Eden Prairie, Minneapolis and surroundings areas of Minnesota.  We are a Health Centered dental office, working together with our patients to help them achieve the dental health they want.  With 1000+ hours of Continuing Education and Dr. Gallagher’s focus on TMJ Health, we treat extensively complex cases to ordinary cases.  Our focus on details makes us different than the rest!

Our office offers early morning and evening appointments to accommodate most schedules. We offer a FREE second opinion or consultation and for those Delta Dental Premiere subscribers, Dr. Angela Marone is our provider. We will submit your dental claims and do what we can to help you maximize your insurance benefits on a yearly basis. Call today to set up a comprehensive exam!

Dr. Gallagher & Glenn Bellman

How Dr. Gallagher’s TMJ Treatment saved my life and improved my quality of life, by Glenn Bellman!

Dr. Gallagher saved my life! I know that sounds like hyperbole, but I mean he literally saved it and improved my quality of life. I’ve been on a three-year journey and found myself steadily declining every day, week, month and year that went by.

It’s now been almost a year since my wife found Dr. Mike’s information online and I’m happy to report that I’m pain free. I’m probably 99% improved since embarking on this journey. After seeing a slew of doctors, medication, CBD oil, hypnosis, acupuncture, chiropractic adjustments, watching hundreds of videos and reading forums online, it was Dr. Mike and his team who diagnosed and fixed me.

I no longer feel facial pain, neck pain, I breathe better (no kidding, my airway felt restricted at times and swallowing food was a challenge at times), I no longer have tingling in the arms, torso or head and face, my hearing has improved (just an observation – I haven’t had it tested yet) my muscles and personal self feels balanced, and overall I feel healthy. Things like shaving are even more pleasurable as I have muscle in my face, and I cut myself far less. Thank you Dr. Mike, Jenny, Suzy, Lisa, Brandy and everyone at Dr. Gallagher’s office. This was a team effort. To read the whole story of Glenn Bellman’s journey to wellness, click the button below.

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Dr. Michael Gallagher, DDS

“I enjoy learning so I can help my patients with any new information available.  Helping people get out of pain and have a comfortable chewing system is very rewarding.  So many people live with chronic jaw pain they are unaware there is a solution.”

~Dr. Mike Gallagher

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Dr. Angela Marone Gallagher Dentistry

Dr. Angela Marone, DDS

“Our team is concerned about the well-being of our patients. We put the patient first. We care and are very grateful for their trust and confidence in us.”

~Dr. Angela Marone

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"You are never just patients to us, you're our friends and we treat everyone like family!"

A Commitment From Dr. Gallagher

“We spend extra time with each patient, educating them. We want all of our patients to know and understand how they can control their dental health.  Therefore we will go over everything with them personally. It lets them know how much we care and want them to be healthy.  I love coming to work and I love what I do.”  ~Dr. Mike Gallagher

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How Dr. Gallagher Strengthens Your Oral Foundation

Strengthening your oral foundation is important. Overlooking this can cause harm to your body in various ways. Watch this video to learn more on the damage that can be caused and how we can help improve your TMJ health.  If you’re in the Eden Prairie, Chanhassen, Bloomington, Minnetonka, Edina, Minneapolis, St. Paul, Burnsville, Plymouth, or any of the other surrounding areas of Minnesota, schedule a visit with Dr. Gallagher to learn more about how our TMJ treatments can help you live a more comfortable life.


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