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Travel Advice for TMD and TMJ Pain Sufferers

Travel Advice for TMD and TMJ Pain Sufferers

When patients are diagnosed with TMD and suffer from TMJ pain, there are numerous lifestyle adjustments that must be made in order to alleviate symptoms and aid in recovery. For those suffering from this condition, the thought of travel may seem overwhelming and difficult. Making sure facial pain and other symptoms of TMD don’t affect your trip can seem burdensome– don’t worry, Gallagher Dentistry & Facial Pain Center is here to provide you with all of our travel tips for ensuring comfort throughout your journey.

TMJ Tips for Your Upcoming Travel Plans

For TMD sufferers traveling by car, it is always important to make regular stops so that you have the opportunity to stretch and not tense your muscles in a long-term setting. Bringing a pillow on your road trip can also provide the neck and head support needed to relieve any pressure being placed on your TMJs or surrounding facial muscles. Having your medication ready during long car rides can also ensure you’re prepared for the pain and discomfort that may arise.

For TMD sufferers traveling by airplane, bringing earplugs can help stabilize the air pressure, cutting down on ear pain as well as TMJ facial pain in high altitudes. Excessive gum chewing is never recommended, making earplugs a must-have for your flight. Moving around the cabin frequently can also help alleviate muscle tension and reduce the risk of your TMD flaring up. Pillows and medication are a definite necessity among airplanes, providing proper neck support and pain treatment availability.

General Travel Tips That Help Alleviate TMD and TMJ Pain

Traveling can always quickly become stressful. Try to take a step back and focus on not stressing– stress, anxiety, and TMD are all linked. Proper trip planning can help alleviate the stress around an upcoming trip. Make sure you have the opportunity to rest on your trip in case you do experience TMJ pain and other symptoms. Follow these tips for peace of mind on your next trip!

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