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TMJ Treatment: Patient Success Story

TMJ Treatment: Patient Success Story

If you are reading this, you are likely looking for answers to your TMJ/TMD pain and suffering. I can help. Hello, I’m Dr. Mike Gallagher and I am passionately focused on TMJ/TMD treatment. TMD (Temporomandibular Joint Disorder) is a terrible affliction which affects the joint that connects your jaw bone to the temporal bones of your skull. Patients who have this condition usually suffer from a tremendous amount of pain and debilitating symptoms and have a hard time finding the right treatment.

After noticing a medical need for better TMJ treatment options in my community, I began dedicating my time and energy to researching and learning about this challenging condition. Over more than two decades, I’ve been able to successfully treat hundreds of patients who suffer from TMJ/TMD and witnessed first-hand the remarkable difference that the right treatment plan can make in someone’s life. Patients who once dealt with terrible jaw and face pain on a daily basis are able to find relief from their symptoms and experience a completely different quality of life.

My Journey in Working with TMJ/TMD

It began many years ago when I started coming across a lot of patients who were experiencing TMJ issues. After chatting with the patient, I would usually end up referring them to another medical office. The patients would eventually return and inform me of the treatment they were prescribed, which was usually nothing more than a bite splint and diet change. These treatment plans were ineffective at resolving the true cause of the problem and eventually their symptoms would return.

This was heartbreaking to watch. These people were in terrible pain and the treatment they were being given was simply inadequate. I felt that there had to be a better solution, so I began looking for answers.

Over the following years, I enrolled in numerous continuing education courses and spent thousands of hours learning about jaw joint and muscle disorders. These courses were taught by some of the most knowledgeable experts in the country. Since then, I’ve taken what I learned and applied it to my practice. The results have been nothing short of astounding.

We’ve seen patients go from experiencing constant pain to being pain-free, from experiencing stressful jaw problems to having stable and functioning TMJ’s. It has been a truly amazing experience and more rewarding than I ever imagined.

When I think of all the patient’s I’ve had the privilege to work with over the years, there’s one patient’s story in particular that stands out to me. This patient was able to experience an incredible transformation and after almost three years of unbearable pain, restricted breathing, difficulty swallowing, and tingling in the arms and torso, was finally able to find relief and return to living a normal, healthy life.

Below, I’ve shared the details of my experience in working with this patient and the remarkable story of how he made a full recovery with the right treatment.

TMJ Patient Success Story: A Remarkable Transformation

I first met Glenn Bellman in 2018. He had been to twelve different doctors before coming to visit my office. None of them were able to help him. During his visit, we had a conversation about what was going on with him. The more I learned about his condition, the more it became clear to me that he was dealing with a case of TMJ/TMD.

As Glenn explained his symptoms, and everything he had been through over the last two years, I could hear the hopeless in his voice. He was obviously going through a challenging time and it sounded like nothing any of the other doctors had done was making any difference.

Glenn had consulted with his general physician, dentist, a periodontist, a psychologist, an acupuncturist, a neurologist, a chiropractor, and a handful of other professionals. Everything from pharmaceuticals and chiropractic adjustments to CBD oil and hypnosis had been prescribed and Glenn wasn’t getting any better.

A Unique Case of Temporomandibular Joint Disorder

In many ways, Glenn’s case was classic TMJ, but in others it was unique. This is because TMJ affects everyone differently. Glenn was experiencing many of the symptoms that are common among individuals who have TMD. He felt constant pain on the left side of his face near his jaw. As his condition worsened, the pain grew and began to radiate from his left ear all the way down to his lower neck. At times, he felt tingling sensations in his left forearm, torso, and face.

However, Glenn didn’t have some of the typical signs of TMJ. He didn’t hear any clicking or popping noises near his jaw. His doctors seemed to think that his jaw functioned correctly. For these reasons, they told him that he wasn’t a good candidate for surgery.

Then, one day the pain moved down his neck to around his throat and he began experiencing difficulty breathing and swallowing. He couldn’t sleep and despite all the medication he was taking, he was in constant pain. This was the breaking point which prompted his visit to my office.

I spent the next two days after Glenn’s appointment reviewing his case. I considered his situation carefully and decided he was a good candidate for bite splint therapy. I called him back and invited him to my office so we could discuss next steps for treatment.

Glenn’s TMJ Treatment & Progress

We began Glenn’s TMJ treatment by first making an impression of his teeth and mounting up his bite in a very precise, deliberate manner. Then, a bite splint was crafted to make the jaw come together properly. Over time, the splint would allow the TMJ to move back into its proper position so the jaw could resume normal functionality.

We decided that Glenn would come into the office once or twice a week for splint adjustments. This way, I could measure his bite and file the splint in order to get the jaw moving properly.

In just weeks, considerable progress was made. We continued the treatment over the months that followed. The transformation was incredible. The bite splint was working and the TMJ was became more stabilized and regaining functionality.

Once the treatment was complete, it became clear that further steps needed to be taken in order to eliminate the teeth grinding and clenching that Glenn was experiencing. I recommended a six-month treatment of Invisalign. This would allow the upper teeth to fit properly over the bottom teeth, which would resolve the remaining symptoms.

A Successful TMJ Recovery

Six months later, Glenn’s smile was restored. He was no longer experiencing the terrible facial pain, neck pain, and restricted breathing that drove him to book his first appointment. The tingling in his arms, torso, head, and face had also disappeared.

During our last appointment, Glenn seemed like a new person. He laughed and smiled a lot and seemed genuinely at ease.

Glenn and his wife now live in Connecticut, but he continues to remain a dear friend. And his recovery plays a major role in my work today. I have seen the miraculous difference time-after-time that the right treatment can make for someone’s health and happiness. It is my hope that my team and I can continue shaping lives and transforming them in this positive way.

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