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Make Your TMJ Health a Priority in 2024

Make Your TMJ Health a Priority in 2024

Hello and Happy 2024! I’m Dr. Mike Gallagher, DDS and I’m a Dentist in the Eden Prairie, MN area that specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of TMJ Disorders. Whether you’re someone who suffers from jaw pain, teeth grinding, headaches, facial pain, or other symptoms of TMD or are simply wanting to be proactive about your oral health, prioritizing your TMJ health is always a good idea.

Dealing with TMJ symptoms is no fun at all and can seriously impact your ability to live a comfortable, happy life. The good news is that TMD can be treated! Below, I’ve shared some strategies that you can use to improve your TMJ health this year.

Tips for Improving Your TMJ Health in 2024

TMJD occurs when the chewing system cannot function properly due to malocclusion, dental disease, or other biological issues. The chewing muscles have to overexert themselves to make the upper and lower teeth come together properly, resulting in painful spasming and jaw clenching. This, in turn, puts strain on the jaw joints and can cause the displacement of the disc that acts as a cushion between the jaw bone and skull, leading to more discomfort and pain. To prevent a TMJ flare-up, it is imperative to avoid putting unnecessary strain on the jaw. You can do this by:

Eating TMJ-Friendly Foods

Incorporate soft, easy-to-chew foods into your diet like cooked vegetables, pasta, rice, soft fruits, oatmeal, and eggs. Crunchy or chewy foods like nuts and hard candy can exacerbate TMJ pain.

Getting Plenty of Sleep

Aim for at least eight hours of sleep per night and maintain a consistent sleep schedule. Avoid caffeine and heavy physical activity before bedtime.

Reducing Stress

Set aside time in your day to relax and unwind. This is especially important during busy times of the year or holidays when your stress level may be higher.

Performing Jaw Exercises

Gentle stretching and strengthening exercises can improve your jaw’s range of motion and strengthen the muscles around your TMJs.

MAGO Splint Therapy

If you’re showing symptoms of TMJ, I highly encourage you to come into my office in Eden Prairie for an oral health exam. This way, we can discuss your symptoms and I can perform a detailed evaluation of your jaw health. I have deep confidence in providing my patients with the MAGO treatment model. “MAGO” stands for Maxillary Anterior Guidance Orthotic), also known as bite splint therapy. I’ve witnessed first-hand the immediate impact it can make in my patients’ lives and provide them with significant, fast-acting relief.

Get Help from a TMJ Dentist

If your symptoms aren’t going away or are seriously impacting your comfort or daily life, it’s important that you seek professional help from a TMJ Specialist. Gallagher Dentistry and Facial Pain has been treating patients with TMJ in Eden Prairie since 1987 and has helped countless individuals improve their jaw health and dental health overall. Call my office today at (952) 942-9600 to schedule an appointment!

Dr. Mike Gallagher, DDS

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