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Jane Youngberg Spent 40-Years Suffering From TMJ & Facial Pain

Jane Youngberg Spent 40-Years Suffering From TMJ & Facial Pain

I completely understand how suffering from TMJ pain can get in the way of being able to properly function during your day. When you are in pain, it is difficult to think about anything else. But can you even imagine what it must have been like for my patient Jane Youngberg, who says she struggled for over 40-years with headaches, jaw pain, molar pain, neck pain, and back pain before we met and put her on a successful treatment plan that finally changed her life.

When Jane told me she had seen numerous medical practitioners including a neurologist for her headaches, had MRI’s for neck and back pain, and multiple dentists telling her that nothing was wrong, one of which even accused her of her pain being “psychological,” I knew I could help her.

Jane was certainly skeptical, rightfully so, due to all she had been through with no results, but she went along with my treatment plan and she was faithful to the process every step of the way. It’s such a privilege to meet and treat patients like Jane and despite all that she went through in the past, she was willing to trust me and follow my TMJ treatment protocols.

It’s patients like Jane and her successful outcome that reminds me almost daily as to why I became a Dentist and why I am so passionately focused on TMJ diagnosis and treatment to help people get their lives back.

Jane has given me permission to share her life-changing success story with you and we hope that there’s someone out there that can relate to this story and seek help.

Jane Youngberg’s TMJ Success Story

Dr. Gallagher has changed my life! For 40 years I have struggled with headaches, jaw pain, molar pain, neck pain, and back pain. I’ve seen neurologists for my headaches, had MRIs for my neck and back pain, asked multiple dentists about my tooth pain; they all said that nothing was wrong, except that I grind my teeth. I even had one dentist tell me my problems were psychological. So, when Dr. Gallagher told me he had a way of helping my pain, I went along with it, but I didn’t really think anything would change. I was wrong!

Dr. Gallagher fit me with a mouth guard that I wore 24/7. I then visited his office once a week for several weeks. As he adjusted the mouth guard and worked his “magic,” my pain began to disappear. What was really happening was that my jaw was relaxing and going back to the place where it belongs. Once Dr. Gallagher was certain everything was back in place, he worked on my teeth to ensure that it would all stay there. It was completely pain free (I’m really afraid of dental work, by the way) and so easy.

I can now sleep through the night, am able to chew on both sides of my mouth, can easily turn my head in both directions, no longer beg my husband to rub my neck and back, and, best of all, I’m no longer popping Aleve several times a week.

I’m so happy Dr. Gallagher was able to help me. If you’re experiencing any facial pain, I highly recommend asking Dr. Gallagher and his outstanding staff to help you too!


If you or someone you know is experiencing symptoms that you believe may be related to TMJ Disorder, please reach out for help as soon as possible to a TMJ specialist in your area. If you are in the Eden Prairie, Minnesota area or willing to travel to my location, I would certainly be happy to provide a complimentary consultation to meet with you and discuss your concerns in detail, call (952) 942-9600. I believe that by working together, we can find a solution to the issues you are experiencing and help you get back on track with your health and enjoying life again!

Dr. Mike Gallagher, DDS

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