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Break These Habits for Improving TMJ Health

Break These Habits for Improving TMJ Health

When it comes to TMJ health, there are numerous bad habits that can actually negatively impact your jaw joints. For those experiencing facial pain and other symptoms of TMD, cutting down these habits can drastically improve your condition. If you’ve been diagnosed with TMD, stopping these habits can offer a quicker recovery when combined with proper treatment. Gallagher Dentistry & Facial Pain Center is honored to share these leading tips along with revolutionary treatment options that help prevent issues down the road.

Bad Habits That Exacerbate TMD and TMJ Conditions

In order to alleviate pain and discomfort, minimizing these bad habits can have a serious impact on your recovery.

  • Nail biting: Nail biting actually forces your jaw to work in ways that aren’t intended for your complex chewing system. The unnatural movement of nail biting can aggravate TMJ pain, leading to further discomfort and potential damage. Nail biting can be addressed through lifestyle change, professional nail care, nail polishes designed to deter nail biting, and/or gaining support from friends and family to help stop the habit. Nail biting can be a stress-induced habit, making it important to find healthy ways to combat chronic stress.
  • Teeth grinding: Teeth grinding and jaw clenching should always be avoided– these habits lead to more than just TMJ problems, causing significant oral conditions and tooth damage. Managing your stress and anxiety in addition to oral devices can help alleviate this problem. Nightguards can also help alleviate some of the damage for those that grind their teeth in their sleep.
  • Using your teeth to open things: Some people have a bad habit of using their teeth to open things rather than scissors or tools. Teeth should never be used for opening things– the unnecessary stress exacerbates TMJ and facial pain. Having the right tools on your keychain, in your wallet or purse, and other convenient locations can help you avoid using your teeth.

Lifestyle Changes and Home Remedies That Aid in TMJ Pain

Minimizing these bad habits can really help patients undergoing TMD treatment. Making these lifestyle changes can also provide an opportunity to proactively avoid potential TMJ concerns. There are also home remedies, jaw exercises, and other lifestyle changes you can make to speed up the recovery of your TMJ issues.

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