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Untreated TMJ, Know the Risks

Untreated TMJ, Know the Risks

Hello, I’m Dr. Mike Gallagher, DDS and I’d like to share some information about the risks and complications that can occur when TMJ Disorder is left untreated. TMJ is a painful and serious condition that can cause chronic back pain, facial pain, headaches, jaw locking, sleeplessness, and other debilitating symptoms.

At my dental practice in Eden Prairie, MN, I specialize in diagnosing and treating TMJ Disorder using minimally invasive methods. If you’re experiencing signs of TMD, I urge you to contact my office so that we can conduct an oral health examination and get you started on treatment right away before matters get worse!

The Connection Between Your TMJ Health & Whole Health

Jaw and bite problems are often to blame when it comes to TMD. However, symptoms of this condition aren’t confined to the jaw alone; the effects are far-reaching. If left untreated, TMD can also cause issues with your hearing, sleep cycle, diet, and other aspects of your overall health.

If the situation gets out of hand, more aggressive and expensive treatment may end up being the only option. That’s why it’s important not to ignore signs of TMD and seek care from a dental health professional who can get you started with TMJ treatment in Eden Prairie right away.

What Happens When TMJ Is Left Untreated?

We can think of untreated TMJ as a fire that gets out of control. What may start as a spark or small fire eventually spreads. Then, before you know it, you’re dealing with a full-on catastrophe and you’re putting out fires everywhere. Our goal in diagnosing TMJ early is to address problems while they are in the beginning stages.

Some of the risks of avoiding or delaying treatment include:

Chronic Pain
TMJ might start as mild jaw pain, but when left untreated, can get worse and lead to severe or chronic pain. As it progresses, you may start to have symptoms like cracking, popping, and locking of the jaw. You may also develop pain in your face, neck, or back.

Recurring Headaches & Migraines
TMJ patients often suffer from recurring headaches and migraines. You may even find that you have to take off from school or work or miss out on activities you enjoy.

Ear & Balance Problems
The ear is a sensory organ that allows us to hear and plays a critical role in helping us balance. The TMJ joints are located in very close proximity to the ear canals. Therefore, it’s not uncommon for TMJ problems to affect the ears as well. Sometimes, these issues can become so severe that the patient starts to experience problems like ringing in the ears, vertigo, or dizziness.

Oral Health Issues
TMD can affect other aspects of your oral health. Grinding and clenching caused by TMD can cause the teeth to wear down quickly, and result in tooth fractures or damage to the enamel. Additionally, you may develop a habit of favoring one side of your jaw and only chewing on the side that doesn’t hurt. This can result in swelling of the facial muscles, muscle spasms, and uneven muscular development.

Damage to the Jaw Joints
In severe cases, TMJ may cause permanent damage to the bones in the jaw joints. When this happens, sometimes the patient’s only option is to obtain surgery. Of course, we want to avoid this at all costs and do everything we can to treat problems early on.

Don’t Let TMJ Go Untreated

Are you looking for the best minimally invasive TMJ treatment in Eden Prairie? If so, you could be an excellent candidate for MAGO Splint Therapy! MAGO Therapy is a great option for patients looking for fast relief and a non-surgical treatment path. It is a highly accurate method with a proven track record of success. If you are interested in pursuing treatment, I would love to hear from you. I would be more than happy to meet with you and discuss your concerns and symptoms in detail during a complimentary consultation or complimentary second opinion. Call (952) 942-9600 today to speak to a member of my team and book an appointment with me.

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