Gallagher Cosmetic and Family Dentistry uses Diagnodent technology to maintain the oral health of clients. The Diagnodent system uses laser technology to locate cavities in the patient’s teeth as well as certain signs of periodontal disease. While traditional methods are relatively effective for locating cavities, the Diagnodent system serves as an early-detection tool, allowing the dentist to repair the tooth early in the decay process and maintain more of the natural tooth structure. Diagnodent technology is also able to locate cavities in areas of the teeth that are difficult to examine by traditional methods, including along fissure lines and inside the biting or occlusal surfaces of the teeth.

The Diagnodent system uses a special laser probe to detect cavities in the patient’s teeth. The dentist begins the procedure by aiming the laser over a healthy tooth structure in the mouth. The laser records wavelength information from the healthy tooth and uses the information as a baseline for the other teeth. As the dentist points the laser over areas of the mouth with possible oral health issues, the laser compares the wavelength measurement of the targeted tooth to the baseline measurement from the healthy tooth. If the laser detects any differences between the two measurements, the device alerts the dentist. Based on the findings from the Diagnodent procedure, the dentist develops a treatment plan for the patient. The dentist may fill any cavities immediately or schedule a follow-up appointment with the patient.

Frequently Asked Question About Diagnodent

When can normal activities resume after the Diagnodent procedure?

The Diagnodent procedure does not require any downtime. If the patient undergoes additional procedures as a result of the Diagnodent exam, including fillings, the patient may be required to limit activities until the affected tooth is healed. The dentist may prescribe a special mouth rinse to help address any oral health issues identified during the Diagnodent procedure.

Is there any pain associated with the Diagnodent procedure?

Typically, patients do not experience discomfort with the Diagnodent procedure.


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