Dental X-Rays

Dental X-Rays

At Gallagher Cosmetic and Family Dentistry we provide digital x-rays.  With Digital x-rays you are exposed to a limited amount of radiation vs. regular film x-rays.  Digital x-rays also provides you the most accurate diagnosis, meaning we are able to see decay at its earliest stages.

We use x-rays to help diagnose decay (cavities), bone levels around the teeth, infections, and calculus or debris that is on the root surface of a tooth.

At Gallagher Dentistry we take several different types of x-rays which included a Full Mouth X-ray (FMX), Bite Wings (BW’s), Occlusal and Periapical (PA) X-rays.  A FMX consist of 18 individual x-rays, showing all 32 teeth, surrounding bone, and root tips.  We are looking for cysts, infections, bone levels, and decay.  A FMX is typically taken every 3-5years depending on your dental history.  BW x-rays consist of 4-8 individual x-rays.  We are looking for decay between the teeth and bone levels on the upper and lower back teeth.  BW’s are typically taken 1 time per year.  An Occlusal film is done on the upper and lower front teeth to show the eruption pattern of a child’s permanent teeth indicating if a child is missing a permanent tooth.  An Occlusal film is done around the age of 3-5 years old.  A PA x-ray shows the entire tooth, from the crown of the tooth to the root tip.  A Periapical x-ray is taken from time to time to show id a tooth has an infection or the start of an infection.  The FMX consists of 14 PA films and 4 bite wing films.


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